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An Interview with Taylor-Maree Fraser of Figure Feminine

En Gold gets up close and personal with the #SculpturalQueen behind Figure Feminine.  Get to know the artist that's lighting up our clients home's with her ancient Grecian busts.    
Taylor-Maree Fraser Figure Feminine
Favourite place to visit? 
New York 🌃 However, at home In Sydney - local museums and Art Galleries, I enjoy checking out and supporting local exhibitions in my free time. 
What TV Show are you obsessed with at the moment? 
It’s been a little while but I would recommend binge watching “It’s a Sin” on Stan. 
Showers or Baths?
Baths 🛀 100% 
What's your most used emoji?
☁️☁️☁️🤍🤍🤍  (Cloud & White Heart)
What's your biggest achievement to date?
I’m extremely proud to be a creative artist & run my own business.
feminine sculpture
What inspired you most for this collaboration?
Female empowerment, along with the freedom to create and work alongside other female creatives like yourselves En Gold 
What message do you wish to spread with your pieces? 
It’s 2021, I believe it’s time for love & appreciation for all humans & the environment.  This includes all race, religion, gender identity, and most importantly where we all stem from; the environment. 🤍 
Who has been one of your biggest influences?
My Mother. A very strong, creative, independent woman, who has set an extreme example of what it means to work hard. I’ll forever be grateful to have her example in my life.  
What piece of art would you like to be remembered for?
My first collection I launched the “Venus Collection.” Including my first set of sculpture & candle form artworks. 
What's your favourite En Gold piece and why?
I’m in love with all of the pieces En Gold has to offer, if I had to choose one (which I have,) it’s the Arena Coffee table. I fell in love with the sculptural design aspect as well as the stunning art & light that fossil stone alone features.
Taylor-Maree Fraser from Figure Feminine
If you could describe your work in three words, what would they be?
Classic, Artistic & Eco-Friendly. 
What was the inspiration behind your work?
Fascinated by the complex detail portrayed in the greatest artworks of all time. I wanted to create art for people to transform their homes into their own personal Museums - filled with art inspired by history & made with passion. 
What is a common misconception about your job? 
Every piece we produce is individually made by me. I have a hand in all aspects of the production from design, curation, right down to the packaging. I do not buy moulds I create them in-house that way every design we put forward is unique in its own way. 
Do you have a favourite piece of work?
My favourite part of my work is I enjoy all aspects of it! I fall in love with every piece I release. As of now my favourite piece would be our collaboration, to date it's my largest body of work. I enjoyed every part involved collaborating with En Gold on this piece. From the initial design and creating a concept together right down to the end release! 
What's the most fun part of your job?
Being my own boss allows me to create & work on what I believe in & connect with. I love representing classic art in a modern way & making art more accessible to other art lovers like myself! 
What is your definition of success?
The freedom to do what I love everyday. 
Finish this sentence; My business is unique because... 
Everyone is unique, Figure Feminine is run by a female independent artist who puts passion & a high level of attention to detail into hand making each piece of art unique and one of a kind, just like you! 
Shop all of Figure Feminine pieces here.
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