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vintage mactan stone coffee table

The Origins of The Estrella Collection

mactan stone coffee table

Pictured: The Arena Coffee Table


The art of Fossil Stone Furniture is a traditional handcrafted skill unique to Cebu and Mactan Islands in the Philippines.This is something close to En Gold Director, Steffanie Ball, who comes from a Filipino heritage and it was through the inspiration of some of her favourite vintage finds, that she was able to locate the original designer and manufacturer who produced these pieces more than 30 years ago.

fossil stone in the Philippines
Constructed using a type of limestone that has been agatized with fossils that were once left on the ocean floor, it is through this natural process that the seashells and coral- like figures create the organic characteristics of the stone. This fine creation is one of a kind and only found in one place on earth.  
fossil limestone

With many parts of the islands under environmental conservation the stones are consciously quarried and are sorted into sizes that are manageable for two men to carry for 2km. They are then hand carved into two finishes- rough and smooth cut tiles. 


fossil stone tiles

Piece by piece these fossil stone tiles are meticulously adjoined edge to edge forming into a continuous surface. Being a soft and porous material, the stone is applied to a hollow timber carcass to form the design. 

en gold furniture

The overall process of Fossil Stone furniture requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship.

fossil limestone coffee table
fossil stone coffee table
workers in the Philippines

Our manufacturer is a family run business and it is through our close partnership we have become one of the main sources assisting to sustain jobs and create income for the local tradesman and their families. We are very proud to exclusively offer this incredible craft through our  Estrella Collection, which ethically supports local trade and an unequivocally unique craftsmanship. 

Children in the Philippines
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