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Le Ciel Table

en gold

The En Gold Atelier Range is our premium, made-to-order collection supporting slow interiors and design driven pieces, consciously crafted especially for you. 

The Le Ciel Table, is a marriage between our two favourite materials; natural Travertine Stone and Lucite. A beautiful contrast of engineered and organic texture, the solid carved spherical base showcases the incredible layered textures and tones of the organic nature of the travertine whilst the thick lucite offers a sense of weightlessness as the rounded edge creates an orbiting rim around the planetary nature of the design. 

This piece is created for the collectors and lovers of design, an addition to your home that’s thoughtfully and skilfully crafted. It’s about falling in love and knowing that when you place your order, our skilled craftsmen are carving, building and creating a piece especially for you. 

Length 1400mm

Width 800mm

Height 350mm

It's important to note that this piece is crafted using natural stone, so the variations in colour, tone and texture are comparable to a fingerprint - each piece is uniquely it's own and no two pieces are exactly the same. Please use the images as a guide and reference only. 

Please note that each sphere is approximately 80kg, it is solid stone and very heavy. This should be considered when curating your space, as moving this piece requires special handling due to the heavy, dense nature of the spheres.


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