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Vessel No. 2, Travertine

Vessel No. 2 in Travertine is an exploration of sculpted geometric shape and contrasting materials.

The carved stone vase challenges the controlled and precise nature of the form by appearing to weightlessly fall onto the lucite orb.

It stands powerful, strong, a statement that mirrors inspiration taken from a time when women ruled the power suit, convertible cars had phones and interiors were curated, clean and minimalistic.

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Constructed using honed natural stone slab and solid clear lucite orb.


Travertine is a fairly consistent stone in pattern and colour. On the surface the veins and holes have been filled to create a smooth surface and add strength and stability to this stone, this is common practice when working with Travertine. On edges and curves the holes and troughs may be exposed which have intentionally been left unfilled in order to celebrate the organic texture found in the stone. These characteristics should not be mistaken for chips or damages.


Width 250mm
Height 180mm
Depth 80mm
Lucite Orb Diameter 120mm

Approx Weight 5kg


This piece has been designed to hold dry florals or serve as a sculptural piece on its own. An acrylic insert will be included which is designed to hold water and fresh florals.

Care should be taken when moving your vase, always lift with two hands and do not carry from the sphere as this will cause the sphere to break from the vessel.

It is important to note, due to the nature of this piece being formed from an acrylic and the unique shape of the spheres, and how they absorb and reflect light, this piece can not be placed in direct sunlight.

Placement in direct sunlight can cause extreme heat to transfer to the flooring, causing burning and a potential fire hazard. Please be mindful when placing your vessel, please ensure it is placed out of direct sunlight.

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