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La Paradis Console Table, Travertine


The La Paradis Console Table is an exploration of the organic beauty found in this incredible natural stone, travertine. The caramel layers of beige, biscuit and off white create a galaxy of veins, holes and naturally occurring troughs that are synonyms with this elevated and sophisticated material. The bold pillar base stands strong whilst the carved pill shaped top offers a sense of delicate weightlessness, contrasting to the true nature of the stone. 

This piece is created for the collectors and lovers of design, an addition to your home that’s thoughtfully and skilfully crafted. It’s about falling in love and knowing that when you place your order, our skilled craftsmen are carving, building and creating a piece especially for you. It’s here to last you a lifetime and it’s well worth the wait. 


MATERIAL: Travertine
  • Length 1400mm
  • Width 450mm
  • Height 770mm
    • Top: 15kg
    • Legs: 60kg
      It's important to note that this piece is crafted using natural stone, so the variations in colour, tone and texture are comparable to a fingerprint - each piece is uniquely it's own and no two pieces are exactly the same. Please use the images as a guide and reference only. 

      The table comes in 3 pieces. The sphere legs are carved from solid travertine stone and are extremely heavy. This should be considered when placing your products as they cannot be moved easily. The table top has been designed to sit, un-fixed to the legs. The circular tabs on the underside of the table top have been designed to insert into the legs to prevent movement on the table top. Please note that this is un-fixed and even weight distribution should be considered when placing objects on your table top. 

      For basic cleaning we recommend using a clean, microfiber cloth specified for glass cleaning along with glass cleaner (such as Windex) This may need to be done after unpacking your piece to clean off any residue from the packaging materials.

      Please be mindful when placing heavy objects as our pieces have not been designed to hold large amounts of weight.
      Do not sit or stand on your piece.

      It is not recommended for outside use.

      When moving, do not push or drag along ground as this may cause the stone to chip and break off. Always use two people to lift and place your piece down gently in place. If dropped, this may result in stone cracking, chipping or breaking.