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La Viá Console

Rectangle console table with polished fossil stone tiled surface and incredible rough textured edge profile. This handcrafted piece revisits some of our favourite vintage designs, whilst offering an organic and elevated aesthetic to your space.

    • MATERIAL: Smokey Agate Limestone (Type of Fossil Stone)
      • Length 1400mm
      • Width 400mm
      • Height 750mm
    • WEIGHT: Approximately 40kg
    • Handcrafted using a unique craft traditional to the Philippine Islands. 
    • Hand quarried fossilised limestone which is hand carved in to smooth and rough tiles.
    • Aligned on a hollow timber carcass which provides a stable form to create the sculptural design.
    • Surface tiles are polished and sealed to protect against moisture and stains. Care will still need to be taken to ensure you get longevity from your piece.
    • Natural stone comes with its own unique variation and organic flaws. This includes colour and textural variation and should be expected.
    • Slight imperfections are a part of the handmade process using this natural material, this is what makes each piece unique and should be expected

    Comes in two seperate pieces (table top and base) with hardware to fix in place. Requires assembly.

    Please take care when moving your piece. Do not push or drag along ground as this may cause the stone to chip and break off. Always use two people to lift and place your piece down gently in place. If dropped, this may result in stone cracking, chipping and falling off. If it has come in forceful contact with an object or dropped, this may cause structural damage to the timber carcass.

    Avoid contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks or some sticky tapes) as they may cause etching. Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.

    The polished flat stone surface is sealed and polished, which means that it is protected against dirt, liquids and stains however this is not fool proof and care should still be taken. Once stained, this may not be possible to remove. We recommend always using coasters or a mat to protect from any products containing liquid.
    To clean please use a clean sponge, warm water and mild soap.

    To clean the rough surface stone please use a clean cloth or soft bristle brush with diluted water and bleach or acetone, if needed.

    We also offer a specialty range of Lithofin stone care products that have been selected for cleaning, protection and stain removal, which are available to purchase via our website.

    It is not recommended for outside use.