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Tong Bin / Cobble Hook / Playdough Chair / Curl Up Stool / Curl Up Lounge / Arch Bench Tripod Coffee Table / Round Table

The fiberglass series of kar- Furniture are made of FRP fiberglass. FRP is an material with the advantages such as light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the products made of FRP would not be damaged under normal transportation and proper usage.

The kar- collection has been meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time. Because of this no two pieces are the same. Due to the handcrafted nature irregularities should be expected. This is what makes each handmade piece unique.

With its material characteristics, and crafting, the product appearance may have the following characteristics:

Texture: FRP Products are made of glass fibres layer by layer. The surface of the products will show the staggered fibre textured effect similar to jade.

Bubbles: May appear during the manufacturing process. During the polishing process small bubbles may leave shallow holes on the surface of the product. Where larger bubbles have been filled there may be slight variation in the colour. 

Joint: As part of the crafting process mould joints may be visible.

Colour: FRP furniture is manually tinted, therefore the colour of each batch of production is slightly different. The lighter coloured pieces may vary from a cream natural tone to a warm yellow tone. Direct sunlight may increase yellowing of the lighter products.

Holes: There is a mark or hole at the bottom of the product, this is a venting hole due to heat dissipation.

Irregular Surfaces: The table surfaces may not be completely flat, this is due to the nature of the product and the handcrafting process. 


Use diluted neutral detergent for cleaning.

Fiberglass furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Place flat on an even surface to ensure stability. 

Do not place directly in front of or near heating. 

Do not place any heavy objects on the surface of your piece.

Take care when moving your item.  Avoid hitting, cracking, overturning and dropping items from a height.

Avoid hot items directly placed on the product surface - for example hot pots, incense or candles, as this may cause damage.

If there is a residual smell, please place the furniture in a ventilated area for 2-3 days before use.



Please take care when moving your piece. Do not push or drag along ground as this may cause the stone to chip and break off. Always use two people to lift and place your piece down gently in place. If dropped, this may result in stone cracking, chipping and falling off. If it has come in forceful contact with an object or dropped, this may cause structural damage to the timber carcass.

Avoid contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks or some sticky tapes) as they may cause etching. Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.

The polished flat stone surface is sealed and polished, which means that it is protected against dirt, liquids and stains however this is not fool proof and care should still be taken. Once stained, this may not be possible to remove. We recommend always using coasters or a mat to protect from any products containing liquid.
To clean please use a clean sponge, warm water and mild soap.

To clean the rough surface stone please use a clean cloth or soft bristle brush with diluted water and bleach or acetone, if needed.

We also offer a specialty range of Lithofin stone care products that have been selected for cleaning, protection and stain removal, which are available to purchase via our website.