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Hydria Pair, by Argot Studio

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The Hydria Pair is one of the original pieces from the Paris-based design studio Argot.

This piece is 3D printed in Argot Parisian's workshop using 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable materials. Its innovative production method enable its audacious design and unique texture.

Argot Studio is committed to mindful and responsible business. Argot pieces are produced using 100% plant origin raw materials. This raw material is made from PLA (polylactic acid) with 70% of the material used originating from recycled material.

PLA is a type of plastic made from organic, renewable resources including corn starch. Unlike other plastics, which are made from fossil fuels, PLA is created from 100% biomass resources.

Displayed at our Melbourne furniture showroom.

The Designer

Argot Studio

Founded in 2018 by Irish designer Eimear Ryan, Argot is a creative design studio based in Paris with a focus on the exploration of spaces and the objects that fit within them.

Realising these concepts until now via the ‘Phelim series’ of solid wood modular furniture, Eimear principally works with her father who makes the oak pieces by hand in Ireland.

Objects include ‘Argot vases’ 3D printed in renewable biomass developed and printed in Paris. Past works include projects in art direction, spacial design & scenography. Future projects include collaborations with designers and artists with complementary outlooks.