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Orilla Table (DEC PREORDER)

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Square coffee table with polished fossil stone tiled surface and incredible rough textured edge profile. This handcrafted piece revisits some of our favourite vintage designs, whilst offering an organic and elevated aesthetic to your space.
Length 970mm
Width 970mm
Height 430mm
Approx. 30kg 
Fossil Stone furniture is constructed using real fossilized rocks buried underground for
centuries along the seashores. Through this natural process seashells and
coral- like figures create the unique characteristics of the stone.
This fine creation is one of a kind and only found in one place on earth, by the shorelines of the Philippine Islands. The stones are quarried and obtained in
boulders. The boulders are then handcrafted into two finishes- rough and smooth cut tiles. Piece by piece these fossil stone tiles are meticulously adjoined edge to edge forming into a continuous surface. Being a soft and porous material, the stone is applied to a hollow timber carcass to form the design. The overall process of Fossil Stone furniture requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship.