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Rosetta Coffee Table, Rosa Vene

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The Rosetta Coffee Table in Rosa Vene features rounded edges and a curved oval shape married with the soft textures and pattern of veins throughout brings dimension and an elevated element of curated detail.

Paired the with scalloped leg design featured throughout our Rosetta Collection, reminiscent of the Roman Columns.

The Rosa Vene marble is a blend of pink, rose and beige hues layered together to create a beautifully soft aesthetic, whilst offering an opportunity to be bold and playful. The web of mauve veins add a contrasting confidence in this incredible, natural stone. 

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Product Details
This table comes in 3 pieces with brackets provided to fix the table top in place. Brackets should always be removed prior to moving your table.
Product Variation
General characteristics such as types of coloured veins will remain the same however some slabs of stone will present more dominating features such as more darker veining. In turn other slabs may offer an overall subtle tone presenting less of the vein characteristics and a softer overall aesthetic.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Rosetta Coffee Table are made from natural stone and that there are variations throughout each and every piece. Images should be used as a general representation as no two pieces are exactly the same. The notable qualities of each slab of stone vary like finger prints making each piece individual and unique.
Dimensions & Weight
• Length 1200mm
• Width 700mm
• Height 430mm

WEIGHT: Approximately 40kg
All of our honed surface stone has been sealed which means that it is protected against dirt, liquids and stains however this is not fool proof and care should still be taken.

Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.

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