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Alunir Table

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The Alunir Table, is an exploration of shape, texture and balance. The solid carved spherical base showcases the incredible layered textures and tones of the organic nature of the travertine, whilst the honed travertine top offers a sense of contrasting weightlessness.

Table top is honed and sealed.

Table comes in 2 pieces, table top designed to use its own weight to stay in place, resting unfixed to base.

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Product Details
The table comes in 2 pieces. The sphere base is carved from solid travertine stone and is extremely heavy. This should be considered when placing your products as it cannot be moved easily. The table top has been designed to sit, un-fixed to the legs.
Product Variation
It's important to note that this piece is crafted using natural stone, so the variations in colour, tone and texture are comparable to a fingerprint - each piece is uniquely it's own and no two pieces are exactly the same. Please use the images as a guide and reference only.
Dimensions & Weight
• Length 700mm
• Width 700mm
• Height 380mm

• Top 20kg
• Base 80kg
• The sphere is approximately 80kg, it is solid stone and very heavy. This should be considered when curating your space, as moving this piece requires special handling due to the heavy, dense nature of the spheres.
For basic cleaning we recommend using a clean, microfiber cloth specified for glass cleaning along with glass cleaner (such as Windex) This may need to be done after unpacking your piece to clean off any residue from the packaging materials.

Please be mindful when placing heavy objects as our pieces have not been designed to hold large amounts of weight.
Do not sit or stand on your piece.

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