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Fossil Stone Furniture Rediscovered — Exclusively from the Philippines

What is Fossil Stone Furniture

For many years, the art of Fossil Stone Furniture was sold throughout the world without the transparency of its origin.

We are connected to our community, culture and artisans. Celebrating the craftsmanship and natural resources unique to our region.

For the first time, the incredible craftsmanship represented by Filipino heritage finds its voice, rooted deeply in its own heritage.

Within the workshops, there exists a familial bond, where artisans labor to bring our designs to life. Each piece in our collection is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by hand to perfection. From the quarrying of materials to the intricate detailing, our artisans infuse every creation with a sense of pride and excellence.

At En Gold, we honour not just the craft, but the artisans behind it. With every stroke and every curve, they breathe life into their work, creating pieces that are not just furniture, but expressions of art. Our commitment goes beyond creating exquisite furniture.

With every purchase from the Heritage Collection, you're not just acquiring a piece of art – you're supporting local communities and preserving a legacy for generations to come.

Join us in celebrating the talent and dedication of Filipino artisans. Experience the true essence of craftsmanship with En Gold's exquisite creations.


The varying colours found in Fossil Stone is organically found in different native regions around the islands. These regions have different elements and minerals creating its own unique fossilised colour in the stone.

Smokey White Stone

Each Fossil Stone tile embodies dips, variations, irregularities and imperfections, this is what we love most.

Native to Cebu, Philippines

Grey Stone

A natural grey stone that embodies a maze of varied grey and charcoal hues with accents of brown and earth tones.

Native to Cebu, Philippines

Moreno Stone

A natural brown stone that embodies dominant layers of organic earth tones. Also known as Woodstone for the relatable grain like character.

Native to Cebu, Philippines

Rosé Stone

Rosé stone embodies soft waves of white, pink, blush and peach tones. Highly textured with warm fossilised etchings, unique our signature Fossil Stone.

Native to Cebu, Philippines

Cream Stone

Cream Stone embodies a maze of varied fossilised characteristics with layers of biscotti, browns, creams and natural whites.

Native to Cebu, Philippines


A vein cut travertine embodies a pattern of beige and nude hues and provides an incredible organic texture.

A type of limestone native to Turkey

Calacatta Nero

A type of Marble stone. A compelling tessellated pattern of dark charcoal hues, contrasted with the white quartz and varying veins of aubergine and soft burgundy.

Also known as Elephant White is a native Chinese marble

Timber & Woven


A light weight hardwood.

Native to Nueva Viscaya, Philippines


A light weight hardwood.

Native to Bohol Philippines


A natural material derived from raffia palm, creating a textured and organic surface.

Native to Bohol Philippines


flowering plants inhabiting underwater.

Native to Palawan, Phillipines

Other Materials


A type of acrylic material.


A type of seashell cultivated from Capiz, Philippines