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Be Captivated by Capiz

Be Captivated by Capiz

The craft of Capiz making has a long, ingrained history in Filipino craftsmanship.

It is no secret that here at En Gold, our mission has continued to align with the embrace and representation of the crafts within this region as homage to the cultural heritage of our brand Founder and Director, Steffanie Ball. 

"Through En Gold, we are paying respect to tradition and cultural crafts in a contemporary way, so that we can pave a path for craftsmanship of South East Asia in the elevated, design driven world." - Steffanie Ball


The introduction of Capiz Shell artistry 

This unique craft is sourced from natural Capiz shell found in the island seas of the Philippines. Over centuries, this skill has been practiced and cemented in Filipino craftsmanship. A beautifully organic material that offers a  translucent and natural shimmering iridescence, taking on the aesthetic of it's surrounding environment, making it the perfect addition to any space. 

The Capiz shell is a bivalve marine mollusk where its outer shell is used for making handcrafts. Capiz shell is named after one of the provinces of the Philippines, Capiz, whereby it's growth flourishes and is very abundant.

The Filipino community are known to be the primary exporter of capiz shell crafts. Filipino craftsmen and artisans take extensive time, fine motor skills and patience to create capiz shell into art.


The nature of this organic material, ensures it's sustainable values, as En Gold endeavours to promote slow interiors among our community.

Adorn your home with a piece of the Capiz collection, embodying elegance and iridescence.   

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