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The Journey of our Hand Loomed Rugs

The Journey of our Hand Loomed Rugs

Handcrafted, sustainably sourced natural Bamboo Silk. Each piece embodies the organic and irregular characteristics created by the hands of the weavers whilst offering a luxurious natural lustre and buttery soft touch. 

Discover the incredible story behind the weavers of this collection...

Our manufacturers contribute to the growth of the handmade carpet weaving industry. We endeavour to support this mission as a community.
Women unemployment has been a critical issue in the rug
industry for many decades.
Our manufacturers initiative has led to have almost 35% women compared to an industry average of 3-5% in total.
Our manufacturers have partnered with Global organisations which certify that we follow all protocols to ensure:
Fair wages
No child labor
Provide healthy working conditions
Responsible sourcing of raw materials
And many more points to ensure that your rug meets global standards in quality and ethical sourcing.
Hand crafted in India, the plush nature of Bamboo Silk composition creates an inviting warmth and soft hand feel, whilst the sheen of the natural fibres offers a luxurious depth when placed in the light.

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