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Isla Dining Table (FEB PREORDER)

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Place your order now to receive your Isla Dining table January 2021. 

Please note that this arrival time is an estimate only. Due to COVID restrictions the preorder may be subject to delays out of our control. In this event we will always communicate any updates as they become available.
Round dining table with polished fossil stone tile surface and thick rounded edging. Column pedestal base features incredible rough textured tiles. This handcrafted piece revisits some of our favourite vintage designs whilst offering a organic and elevated aesthetic to your space. 
4-6 Seater 
Diameter 1300mm
Height 760mm
Base diameter 500mm
Approx. 80kg

6-8 Seater
Diameter 1600mm
Height 760mm
Base diameter 800mm
Approx. 90kg
*Comes in two seperate pieces (table top and base) with hardware to fix in place. Requires assembly.


The art of Fossil Stone Furniture is a traditional handcrafted skill unique to Cebu and Mactan Islands in the Philippines.

It is constructed using a type of limestone that has been agatized with fossils that were once left on the ocean floor. Through this natural process, seashells and coral- like figures create the organic characteristics of the stone.

This fine creation is one of a kind and only found in one place on earth. When the stones are quarried, they are hand  carried almost 2km to a sorting site, they are then hand carved into two finishes- rough and smooth cut tiles. 

Piece by piece these fossil stone tiles are meticulously adjoined edge to edge forming into a continuous surface. Being a soft and porous material, the stone is applied to a hollow timber carcass to form the design. 

The overall process of Fossil Stone furniture requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship.We are proud to exclusively offer this craft through our Estrella Collection, which ethically supports local trade whilst revisiting some of our favourite vintage designs by partnering with the original makers of these unique and sculptural pieces.