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Caring For Your Aral Vase, En Gold x Vianca Soleil


A collaboration design between En Gold x Vianca Soleil. The Aral Vase is the culmination of two creative minds with a shared cultural heritage and community. Inspired by the coastal landscapes of Vianca's island home and the handcrafted imperfections of our artisans. The hand shaped iron handles cradle the stonecast form offering a sculptural and organic silhouette.

Aral, meaning studies, has been aptly named after the intention behind this design: to generate funds to support the studies of the children on Puro Island. 

In partnership with The Hiraya Foundation, 100% of profits from the first 20 orders will be donated to an initiative to help support the elementary school on Puro Island, Philippines. To learn more, please visit

Collection: Vases

Displayed at our Melbourne furniture showroom.


Overall L41cm



Approx Weight: 5kg


What is Stonecast?

Stonecast is created by repurposing the small chips and off cuts from our Fossil stone.
In an effort to sustainably reduce any waste, these otherwise un-usable stone pieces have been powdered down and mixed with a resin to create a strong applicable solution. This is then spread to the form to create a rendered layer, then placed out in the sun to dry and repeated.

It can be a time consuming process due to the drying and application time. Several layers are applied before sanding and buffering to create a smooth and polished surface. 

Stonecast should be cared and handled the same way as our Fossilstone collection.

The finished surface is smooth and polished containing imperfect textured variation of flecks and occasional 'clouding' where small patches may appear with a clouded colouration. This is not considered a fault and should be expected as part of the crafting process.


No assembly required.

Moving & Caring

  • Please take care when moving your piece.
  • Do not push or drag along ground as this may cause the stone to chip and break off.
  • If dropped, this may result in stone cracking, chipping and falling off.
  • If it has come in forceful contact with an object or dropped, this may cause structural damage to the timber carcass.
  • Avoid contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks, some sticky tapes or cleaning products) as they may cause etching or the stone to break down.
  • Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.
  • Please refer to our Stone Care page for recommended cleaning and maintenance products.
  • This design is not recommended for outside use.