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Sienna Coffee Table

With clean lines and pared back design, this table is both classic in aesthetic and sturdy in its structure. 

MATERIAL: Vein Cut Travertine
  • This vein cut travertine embodies a pattern of beige and nude hues whilst the curves in the design reveal the naturally occurring holes, providing an incredible organic texture.

  • Length 1200mm
  • Width 700mm
  • Height 430mm

WEIGHT: Approximately 35kg

Travertine is a fairly consistent stone in pattern and colour. On the surface the veins and holes have been filled to create a smooth surface and add strength and stability to this stone, this is common practice when working with Travertine. On edges and curves the holes and troughs may be exposed which have intentionally been left unfilled in order to celebrate the organic texture found in the stone. These characteristics should not be mistaken for chips or damages.

Our Sienna Coffee Tables are made from natural stone and that there are variations throughout each and every piece. Images should be used as a general representation as no two pieces are exactly the same. The notable qualities of each slab of stone vary like finger prints making each piece individual and unique. 

This table comes in 3 pieces with brackets provided to fix the table top in place. Brackets should always be removed prior to moving your table. 

All of our honed surface stone has been sealed which means that it is protected against dirt, liquids and stains however this is not fool proof and care should still be taken.

Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.

Contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks or some sticky tapes) may cause etching and should be avoided.

Although marble and stone is a hard material, it is also fragile and heavy. Care should always be taken when moving and if you feel strained please do not attempt to move alone. The weight should always be evenly distributed when moving the piece.

For basic cleaning simply use a clean sponge and warm water. We also offer a specialty range of Lithofin stone care products that have been selected for cleaning, protection and stain removal, which are available to purchase via our website.

Please be mindful when placing heavy objects as our pieces have not been designed to hold large amounts of weight.
Do not sit or stand on your piece.

When moving, do not push or drag along ground as this may cause the stone to chip and break off. Always use two people to lift and place your piece down gently in place. If dropped, this may result in stone cracking, chipping or breaking.

This table comes with brackets and screws to hold the table top secure in place. Please note that this hardware has not been designed to carry the weight of the entire table, if you are moving your table please remove the screws first and move each piece of the table separately. When you have the table placed where you would like to keep it, secure the screws with the brackets.

It is not recommended for outside use.

When carrying and storing the table top always turn on its side (horizontal edge) do not carry flat as this may compromise the strength of the slab causing it to snap or break.