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Double Stretch Vase, Eraser Pink

Morgan Peck

The Double Stretch Vase in Eraser Pink made by Los Angeles ceramicist Morgan Peck is a unique, handmade vase. Her namesake ceramic company, started in 2011, includes mirrors, lamps, sculptures and vases all made in her backyard studio. Every piece is made individually by hand without the use of moulds. Peck’s work continues in the footsteps of the studio potters that preceded her and she takes note of numerous styles, hinting at the Memphis Group, the Bauhaus, and Art Deco. Sometimes reproducing the forms of Venetian glass and the splotchy surfaces of 19th century spongeware, she moves through these references with a modest, considered, and decidedly modern touch.

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Product Details
• Watertight and ready for flowers
• Glazed stoneware
• Handmade in Los Angeles
Dimensions & Weight
9 x 5 x 9.5 inches

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