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Dry Body Brush

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Natural beech wood and sisal dry body brush. Dry body brushing is a true time honouring ritual, dating back to the Egyptians but best know within Ayurvedic practices.

How to use:

  1. Pre-bathing on dry skin, start at the feet and work upwards.
  2. Use long upward strokes on arms and legs and circular clockwise motions on stomach, back, buttocks and chest.
  3. Adjust the pressure according to areas that are more sensitive and be cautious of areas that may be irritated, inflamed, cracked or healing.
  4. Avoid face and neck.
  5. Bath or shower off dead skin cells and impurities.
  6. Ensure to rehydrate the skin with a moisturising skin oil or lotion.

*If you bristles feel harsh during first touch: boil water and immerse the bristles in the water for 2 minutes.


  • Exfoliation: removing dead skin cells, leaving fresh new skin.
  • Lymphatic drainage and circulation: dry body brushing may help to boost the lymphatic system by stimulating and encouraging blood flow, removing toxins and waste.
  • Cellulite: can help break down deposits and eliminate excess fluid as part of its lymphatic massage, reducing the appearance of cellulite and leaving your skin more firm, tight, plump and smooth.

Vegan friendly.

Displayed at our Melbourne furniture showroom.