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Dune No. 6 by Denise Quah

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Dune No. 6 is an original artwork by Melbourne-based artist, Denise Quah.

As you stand in the dessert, there is a feeling of calmness. Dune is a homage to the wonders of the desert, capturing the sensuous, sculptural beauty and sheer scale of sand dunes.

Collection: Artwork

Displayed at our Melbourne furniture showroom.

The Designer

Denise Quah

Denise is a Malaysian emerging artist based in Melbourne. Art has been her means of expression since young and creation is her passion.

With a minimal approach to art, Denise's work explores the observation and contemplation of natural phenomena and forms. By expressing the complex human connection to nature, she challenges the common perception of what beauty is and what it can be.

Using mixed media, she focuses on colour balance and composition. The blend of earth tones, textures, and organic shapes is reminiscent of nature’s elegant simplicity.