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Physical and Phantom Print by Kayleigh Heydon

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Limited Edition


'Physical and Phantom' a limited edition series by Kayleigh Heydon

"The Anthropocene collection is a meditation on the Human condition as we learn and adapt to navigate our bodies (our home) in this strange space.

Almost touching. Totally Enmeshed. Barely connected.
A new Peace. Slower states. Anxious weights.

It is a commentary on the relationships we hold with ourselves and the constant pendulation between these states."

Collection: Artwork

The Designer

Kayleigh Heydon

Originally born in Manchester Kayleigh graduated with a first class honours in Interactive Arts from the Manchester School of Art and Design. Currently based in Australia, Kayleigh's practice continues to focus on painting and sculpture in response to her ever changing physical, social and emotional landscape.

Her work often draws inspiration from her emotional experiences, creating a textural and ever-changing landscape of colour inter-play, soft and bold movements and wild yet harmonious endings.

Constantly pushing her practice forward, Kayleigh feels most comfortable when her work is in a state of metamorphosis, trying new things and constantly questioning her approach to painting as a way to better understand herself and the world.