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At Home with En Gold Founder, Steffanie Ball

At Home with En Gold Founder, Steffanie Ball

The Director behind En Gold, Steffanie comes from an extensive Interior Design and Styling background ranging from Fashion Editorial Styling, Art Direction and Commercial Interior Design. With a natural eye and intuition for creating timeless and elevated interiors, Steffanie's home is a reflection of her trademark style.

  Where does your inspiration draw from?

My Filipino background serves as a great source of inspiration for me. I frequently spend time on the islands, which I consider to be my true home in my heart. Whenever I discover and learn more about the artistry and crafts within my culture, I am captivated by their intricate beauty, skill, and the use of natural resources cultivated by hand from the environment. Learning about the ancient tribes and customs of my heritage instills a great sense of pride and belonging within me.It has become essential for our mission and identity to utilise our businesses as a platform to showcase my culture (and its neighbouring countries) in a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing way. My home is definitely a reflection of this and an extension of The En Gold Gallery!
What styling rules do you live by?

My top three tips for styling any space would have to be using organic materials, mixing and matching and keeping it simple! Consider adding organic materials, such as wood and stone, as the earthy texture and warmth of these materials offer an inviting atmosphere. Layering and mixing materials offers a visually interesting look and is definitely a crucial element. Let the natural beauty and imperfections of the materials shine through without overwhelming the space with too many decorative elements. Overall an uncluttered and refined space always looks a lot more elevated. 


What are your favourite pieces in the home?

This is a tricky one for me to choose just one! We spend so much time as a family around our dining table and coffee table. This is where we come together and where we make memories. I believe furniture can be a part of making memories in the home and this makes the design process so fulfilling. 


Top tip for adding character whilst you are renting?

A great way to bring character into a rental and making the home feel personalised is through artwork. Adorning the walls with pieces that evoke a feeling or memory can transform the house to a home that truly feel yours. Another way to elevate and personalise a space can be to add window furnishings. I always have custom curtains made in every space I move into whether it be for home or work. It is an affordable way to instantly transform a space. 


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