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An interview with Vianca Soleil

An interview with Vianca Soleil

Vianca Soleil is an interior designer and photographer from the serene island of Romblon, an exquisite haven nestled in the Philippines. Living amidst the tranquility of this unspoiled paradise, Vianca finds boundless inspiration in the island's untouched beauty and the abundance of nature it graciously offers. With a deep appreciation for the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality, Vianca seamlessly infuses her designs with elements inspired by the island's vibrant colors, textures, and organic forms. Through her creative endeavours, Vianca strives to share the enchanting essence of Romblon and to remind others of the breathtaking wonders that can be found in the simplest of places.

With an unwavering commitment to honouring the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Philippines, Vianca Soleil breathed new life into our Heritage Wares collection. The aura of Vianca's styling echoes the serene beauty of Romblon itself. Soft, earthy tones interplay with warm, inviting textures, creating an ambiance that transports us to a place of tranquility and contemplation. The fusion of traditional Filipino motifs with contemporary elements brings a fresh perspective to the collection, reminding us that the spirit of the past can effortlessly coexist with the modern world.

In this collaborative journey, Vianca Soleil invites us to embark on a voyage of rediscovery, urging us to embrace the enduring beauty and exceptional craftsmanship that define the Philippines.

1. How do you think your surroundings have influenced your approach to styling?

I find a sense of peace and comfort in my natural surroundings and it’s somehow translated into how I style my home. My creative work is inspired by nature - its’ forms and variations. I like playing with natural elements and textural finishes to create a space that feels light and comforting.

Heritage Wares at a beach

2. Can you describe your creative process when it comes to styling homewares?

I’ve always liked a simple yet playful approach. I think that’s always a winning formula in creating a joyful setting. Most of what I’ve collected are from my travels. A mix of old and new, all of which are natural materials such as paper lamps, stone vases, and wooden pieces. There‘s no need to do much when the objects are already interesting on their own. I also love trying different proportions and new ways of reusing materials.

Heritage Wares on a table

3. How do you balance the desire for new, modern design with a commitment to preserving cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship?

There’s something endearing about making something new the old way. Before I even realised the importance of honouring one’s cultural heritage through design, I’ve had this innate feeling to create according to how nature can provide. It’s like going back to the basics. This led me to discover more about Filipino vernacular structures and traditional craftsmanship. By creating a new space for these traditional approaches and objects to be appreciated, they age with us and continue to be part of our future.

Heritage Wares on a table 2

4. What is it about the En Gold Heritage collection that makes you feel connected and which is your favourite piece?

It’s a beautiful homage to the art of fossil stonecraft in the Philippines and celebrates the artisans behind it. I have so much admiration and respect for our local artisans. The Laguna vase would have to be my favourite. I love its subtle irregular shape.

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