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At Home with Megan Gale

At Home with Megan Gale

Megan is one of Australia’s most recognised, loved and trusted personalities. A multi-faceted talent – model, actress, designer, TV personality, brand ambassador – Megan’s career has now spanned over two decades. 

Highly unique, Megan embodies the precious balance of being both aspirational and inspirational; high-end and accessible; glamorous and natural. Megan and her partner Shaun Hampson are proud parents to their son River & daughter Rosie.

Megan and Shaun recently renovated their Melbourne home with the help of The Melbourne Builder and Georgie Marks Design. Together they created a calming space embracing softly muted tones with accents of blush and brass throughout. The perfect setting for the En Gold collection. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Megan about her renovation experience and which of the En Gold pieces found their way into her new home. 

 Congratulations on your beautiful newly renovated home! Everyone’s individual journey building and renovating can be so different. What was the process like for you?

It was a long process but not for the reasons that people often find. We had started planning the renovations back in mid 2019 but then COVID hit early 2020 and we decided to put a hold on everything. In hindsight I am glad that we did as it allowed us to really consider what we were doing. We changed the floor plan a bit and tweaked a few design elements and even changed the aesthetic around. Once we picked things up again in early 2022, we spent pretty much the whole year planning, getting all the design elements right, budgeting, choosing suppliers and getting permits. That’s always the least fun and lengthy process but it has to be done. Then in February of 2023 we kicked off with the demolition and from there it was pretty easy and straightforward. We had very little hurdles to overcome and anything we did come up against was resolved pretty swiftly and easily. It’s so great seeing your home transform week on week and observe the process unfolding. 


Did you have a clear idea of the style and aesthetic you wanted to achieve in your home?

As we had been planning to do the renovations for a while  I had started a bit of a style inspiration folder awhile back. But by the time we had actually commenced the design process in 2022 we had changed my mind on a few things and refined it a bit more. When we eventually sat down with The Melbourne Builder and Georgie Marks Design we had a pretty clear idea and vision of what we wanted it all to look like, colour palettes, fixtures and finishes etc. This made the design process itself pretty straightforward and fairly easy to select all the relevant elements. 

Which room is your favourite? 

Oh gosh, I change my mind all the time, but I think it’s hard to go past the main living space. It’s where we all come together to eat, relax and where we entertain and socialise. It’s just such a beautiful, comfortable, light filled space with lost of different areas to nook into. I love it!

Which pieces from the En Gold collection are your favourites?

That’s a hard one! There are so many pieces that we have that are simply stunning and functional so it’s hard to choose. The Paradis dining table and Daisy dining chairs are pretty special and are a standout in the main living space. You can fit eight people around it comfortably so it’s great for large family gatherings or dinner parties with friends. 


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