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Supporting the Philippines

Supporting the Philippines

At En Gold we are proud of the community and family we have built. One of our most popular collections, the Estrella collection originates more than 30 years ago. The art of Fossil Stone Furniture is a traditional handcrafted skill unique to the islands in the Philippines. This is something close to En Gold Founder, Steffanie Ball, who comes from a Filipino heritage. Our craftsman were producing these designs more than 30 years ago and it was through our partnership that we were able to revive and in turn reignite a traditional craft.

In a time that has created so much uncertainty, the Philippines has been hit hard with lockdown after lockdown. As we write this, they have just entered yet another strict lockdown. To all those left without jobs support is non-existent and as a result resources are sparse and spirits are low.

En Gold Philippines support

Giving back to the Philippines is not a new mission for En Gold, our Director Steffanie Ball knows this path very well. Coming from a heritage of farmers in regional Bicol, her mother raised her with the constant reminder of those who have less in the Philippines and to always remember to give back.

Because of this we are incredibly proud to offer a traditional Filipino craft through our Estrella Collection. These handcrafted pieces have not only adorned many homes with beautifully curated natural stone pieces. It has generated countless jobs during some of the most dire economic times.  

“En Gold wouldn’t be where it is today without these people, this region and without my Filipino heritage. I’m so incredibly proud to be sharing a traditional craft native to the Philippines through my Estrella Collection. Through this we have provided opportunity during a very dark time, particularly in a region that heavily relies on tourism. We have been able to generate jobs (which continues to grow) and providing income to so many families, 85 to be exact.

There has never been a better time to show kindness. To show compassion and connection. Spirits can be low during these times and supplies sparse as they continue through months of lockdown. I felt compelled to hand write a thank you card to every single person on our team - our stonemasons, carpenters, workers in the quarry, packers, administration - and provided them with canned food, rice, hand sanitiser, face masks and ANZAC biscuits (a little gesture from Australian soil). 

Seeing these images warms my heart and gives me more drive to give back to this community. I’m so proud to offer a platform that gives recognition to Asian craft, be it Philippines, China, India or elsewhere. Our collections will continue to embrace and promote beautiful pieces that recognise the craftsmanship of my Filipino heritage.”

We are proud to continue our efforts to support and contribute back to the Philippines through the donation of profits to a selected charity organisation coming into fruition in the near future.

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