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Explore En Gold's timeless furniture & homewares

high-end acrylic furniture made from lucite

Fluidity Meets Radiance with our Lucite Pieces

Our signature Lucite Collection embodies both traditional moulding techniques and contemporary materials making it an exploration of form. In this collection we're excited to bring our first range of mirrors, iridescent coffee table and statement chairs. Each piece designed to work harmoniously with the En Gold Collection. 

The Wylie Chair

Meet the Wylie chair, a juxtaposition of clean balanced proportions to the plush shag seating. The soft furnishings create an inviting and cosy oasis one cannot resist. Wide enough to curl up in, this beautiful chair comes in Mocha or White Shag, as well as a Faux Rabbit Fur and features our signature thick lucite arms in a curved profile, to create an fluid and softened aesthetic.


en gold lucite wylie chair


Daisy Chair

The first co-design by En Gold Directors, Steff and Matt and aptly named after their daughter Daisy, this is a piece that is extremely close to their heart. Available in both the original White and new Smokey colour pallet. Both serves for function and sculptural form whilst embracing the design of  a stool seating approach for dining. Our original Daisy design features a transparent lucite form which has been bent by hand to create an identifiable design unique to En Gold.


en gold lucite daisy chair


Roky Mirrors

Our Roky mirrors feature a broad lucite wave edging, creating a water like fluidity in its appearance. This piece comes in both a large leaning and small hanging, this design is guaranteed to provide a seamlessly elevated aesthetic to any space.

en gold rocky mirror made from lucite

These pieces work harmoniously as a collection or act as bold unique centrepieces in any room.

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