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How Mirrors can change your space

Different design elements are used to transform and create an inviting space.

Mirrors are no exception to this. Adding a mirror or reflective surface can create the optical illusion of spatial enhancement, brightness and light filled spaces.

Offering versatility from its decorative and functional purposes.

How to choose your mirror

Now that we have identified what mirrors can offer, how do we choose the right mirror?

This is all dependant on its purpose.

If you are wanting to expand the space, floor length, wall mounted/panel mirrors or having a larger mirror will create the illusion of more depth and light in your space.

For spaces with less natural light, you want to incorporate mirrors and reflections where sunlight hits and can reflect in the room.

This is a playful way to play with lighting, creating brightness and a sense of airiness in your space.

Alternatively, to add a decorative piece that is equally functional, wall mounted mirrors works as a great way for that last min check or adding something with a beautifully designed frame as a decorative element on any blank wall.

Where to place your mirror

Placement of your mirror is equally important, to offer the transformative elements mentioned above.

Enhancing the size of a room, larger more grand mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space.

Generally, these are placed across open space, like a garden/pool area, a living space, in an entry way, bedroom, hallway, floor to ceiling or wider mirrors in smaller areas can assist with this.

For decorative pieces, you can add some fluidity to structure or vice versa.

The use of colours for the frame are great ways to enhance any space and this can be added anywhere offering balance or additional special touch like bedroom, hallway, living, kitchen, and dining.

Entry way, staircase, bedroom and bathroom mirrors are a functional use of mirrors, as you have a quick check before leaving the house and add a design element.

Placement is vital part of creating an inviting space.

There are different ways to dress up your space using mirrors, dependant on the type, size of the mirror and where it goes, these are all factors on how you want your space to look and feel.

It’s certainly an opportunity to explore and have fun with decorating.



Styling Journal Editor & Interior Stylist

Cindy has a background in Marketing, Communications, and Interior Styling, this allows her to offer a personal experience for her clients, understanding and incorporating their lifestyle, personalities, and an emotional connection to their home.

While she enjoys simplicity, she also loves elements of surprise with the use of colours, layers, and texture. Her diverse style and understanding of how things work and feel together offer her clients the warm, personal, functional, and cultivating space that she feels everyone deserves to come home to.

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