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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space

With so many coffee table options available, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your living space.

We have narrowed down a few factors to consider when looking for that perfect coffee table. Consider this a helpful guide in creating your dream living space.  

1. Shape

An important consideration is the shape of your coffee table.

Dependent on your sofa, shape of your living space and surrounding pieces, this will determine what shape will work best to create a harmonious flow and that the proportions of the space are balanced.

For a space with a lot of structure and lines throughout, The Miro Coffee Table is a nice way to incorporate elements of softness with its rounded edges and circular shape.

The Orilla Coffe Table allows for great surface space to decorate and enjoy a glass or two over and works well in areas with existing elements of texture and soft furnishings, like sheer curtains, armchair and textured sofa to balance the square shape.

Some popular shapes include Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle and even an irregular type like Paradis Coffee Table.

2. Size

Secondly, size. As equally important as the shape you choose.

How large is your living room?

For larger and more open areas, our Miro Coffee Table offers great functionality, size, and a sculptural centrepiece with its spheres. The Mala Coffee Table is a great alternative that creates more structure and refinement with its lines and rectangle and solid shape.

If you’re working with more limited space, the Arena Table and Tierra Grande are all great hero pieces that offer a beautiful focal point, while the La Via Coffee Table combines timeless and functionality.

3. Colour & Texture

Selecting the correct colour and texture for the coffee table can be difficult, a great way to navigate this is using samples to place against your space or taking a photo of the coffee table and applying it on an image of your living space.

Choosing the right colour and texture ties everything together. Considering warm or cooler tones has an impact on how you want the space to feel, whether it be cosy, spacious, or luxurious.

For warmth, timbers or more warm tones can create a cosy ambience. Translucent or lighter colours and textures create a spacious environment. While grand coffee tables, with texture and rich colour can offer a luxurious feel.

4. Consider Rest of Your Space

Now that the shape, size, colour, and texture are determined, how will it work with the elements in the living space overall?

It’s important to ensure your new coffee table works with your existing pieces.

The texture and colour seamlessly blend with the space, such as the floors, sofa, wall and window finishes.

We have covered some to consider when purchasing a coffee table: shape, size, texture, colour, and how it blends with other pieces in your living room. With that in mind, you'll be able to narrow down the options. If you'd like to receive more support and advice, you can book an appointment with one of our experienced interior stylists, who will assist you in creating the ideal space for you.



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