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Gable Chair

The Gable Chair design is reminiscent of the nostalgic farmhouse chair, with the stained mahogany frame and wide woven seagrass seat and backrest. The organic texture and traditional frame is a classic and timeless pairing with any of our dining tables. 

Our collection supports and embraces the handcrafted journey in traditional  craftsmanship. Using organic and native materials, it is with great pride that we embrace and represent the work of our Filipino artisans and surrounding regions.

 MATERIAL: Mahogany wood


  • Width: 4700mm
  • Depth: 5000mm
  • Leg Height: 4900mm
  • Backrest Height: 4300mm
  • Overall Height: 9000mm
  • Approximate weight limit 150kg

Mahogany wood is a light weight hardwood. The stained finish will come with it's own set of graining and characteristics. Although variation is low, each piece is unique.

The seagrass woven seat is handcrafted, imperfections are to be expected. If there are any protruding strands, carefully trim it back to the same length as the flush surface of the seat.

Slight imperfections are a part of the handmade process using this natural material, this is what makes each piece unique and should be expected.

Our chairs will arrive pre-assembled so you won't have to do anything except take it out of the box!

Please take care when moving your piece. Do not push or drag along ground as this may cause structural damage. Avoid using the item for any purpose other than it's designed used, this includes standing on top of the item.

Designed for indoor use only.

Avoid contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks or some sticky tapes) as they may cause etching. Avoid leaving moisture or wet substances on the surface of your item for extended periods as this may cause damage to the finish of the stain.

To clean simply use a damp soft, clean cloth to wipe the surface. Avoid any abrasive or harsh cleaning products that are not specifically designed for this material.

It is not recommended for outside use.