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Caring For Your Jade Onyx Plinth


This Jade Onyx is an elevated semi precious stone, known for its etherial translucent qualities. Because of this, it is considered a premium stone.


Onyx is a luxurious stone that often takes much longer than other marbles to form in cold spring waters and quarried in limited quantities, making it an extremely special natural material. Highly regarded as an exclusive stone with a high degree of variation, please allow for this when selecting this stone for your space.

Collection: Plinths



  • W300 x D300 x H500mm
  • Approximately 30kg


  • W300 x D300 x H650mm
  • Approximately 40kg


  • W300 x D300 x H900mm
  • Approximately 45kg


  • These marble plinths are constructed from solid slab, mitred edges and hollow design with plywood footed base, our plinths are strong, sturdy and timeless.
  • The small size has been designed to work perfectly as a side table whilst clustered with the medium and large, allows for an exceptionally elevated aesthetic.
  • A perfect addition to complete a well designed, curated space.
  • The surface is honed and sealed with a natural finish. Please note that naturally occurring deep veins and troughs can be found throughout, these characteristics have been filled to provide added strength and are not considered to be a flaw or blemish and should not be mistaken as repaired cracks.
  • As a natural material these characteristics are to be expected and are what makes this stone unique and beautiful.


No assembly required.

Moving & Caring

  • All of our honed surface stone has been sealed which means that it is protected against dirt, liquids and stains however this is not fool proof and care should still be taken.
  • Avoid direct contact with high pigment liquids, foods and objects that may cause colour transfer.
  • Contact with substances that contain an acidic component (such as citric foods/drinks or some sticky tapes) may cause etching and should be avoided.
  • The item is entitled to our 12 Months Warranty. Check our Warranty and Repairs for more information.