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Ensuring our heavy and fragile items arrive safely can be tricky, this is why we have invested in our packaging to ensure your crafted En Gold piece is all set of transit in the best way possible. However, we hate the thought of wastage! This is why we offer all of our customers with the option to return their large furniture packaging to us to reuse and recycle. We happily pay for return postage, as we know we can find a new purpose for your packaging- this saves you from having to worry about disposing, it saves our landfills and helps us continue to provide competitively priced design driven furniture and wares. 

Watch the video or read the steps below to see how to prepare your timber crate for return.

Step 1. Place the cardboard and styrofoam inside the crate.

Step 2. Place lid back on the crate.

Step 3. Align the red dots - this will line up the holes for the zip ties

Step 4. Place zip ties through the holes in the red dots with the ridge parts of the zip ties facing out. This will allow you to hear the zip tie clicking into place.

Step 5. Slip the shipping label inside the plastics sleeve and seal.

Step 5. Leave outside your front door for our drivers to collect.