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Spring Tide I, Seashell by Sureen Gouws

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Limited Edition


Spring Tide I is a limited edition of 10 artworks, handmade in Australia by Sureen Gouws.

Each artwork is signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. When the limited edition works are sold out, they will not return in new editions.

Each relief is hand-painted with texture paint and texture will therefore vary.

Artwork is framed in a Slimline 2 cm deep Raw Tasmanian Oak float frame.

Wall bracket is included for each artwork.

Sureen Gouws Art Spec Sheet

Collection: Artwork

Displayed at our Melbourne furniture showroom.

The Designer

Sureen Gouws

Born and raised in South Africa, Sureen has worked as an architect for many years. After migrating to Australia in 2018, she shifted her focus from Architecture to Art.

Her monochromatic wall relief sculptures explore the unique three-dimensional shapes created by layering geometric shapes. It examines the interplay between light and how it influences the perception of the works. By only using one single colour, the emphasis falls on the shadows created by the different shapes and their compositions. The artwork’s response to the changing light in its environment offers a unique perspective every time.

Her works are constructed from wood and hand-painted with textural paint. The beauty lies in the balance between the clean lines of the laser-cut wood and the uneven hand-paint texture that gives each artwork a soul of its own.