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Storage can be one of the home's most integral yet overlooked aspects. When we envision furnishing our homes, we tend to get excited by the big statement pieces; sofas, tables, art, rugs and lamps. But without storage, our homes lack the day-to-day order, security and functionality we need in our busy lives. Our things need places to live, and sometimes we need to hide our clutter. We also like to know our items are tucked away from the elements, not at risk of accidental damage or curious hands.

You may not have thought a great deal about storage. Those of us who have moved into a home without storage, you learn to get creative with your space. Your storage doesn't need to be an eyesore and, in fact, can become or display a key design feature within your home and a practical vessel.

1. Purpose

Firstly, think about what you are storing. Are you keeping small things such as trinkets or jewellery? You will want a smaller vessel for these items, or they might be lost or damaged in a drawer of other items. A tray or small vessel is the perfect receptacle for this. More oversized items such as linen, books and documents are best stored within larger units such as drawers, buffets, shelving and desks. Of course, you can always have storage within storage. Trays within drawers or baskets within cupboards are an effective organisation tool. Baskets can also look great underneath benches or beds and are very useful. Our Lilo Catch-All is an excellent option for smaller jewellery items and trinkets.

2. Personality

Your home should reflect your unique personality. Furniture and homewares are a great way to express yourself. For example: would you prefer a console table with soft, curved lines or waves, or does the confidence and directness of a piece with straight lines and sharp edges appeal to you more? We all have a preference and like what we like. So to ensure you have a piece you will love for years to come, keep this in mind. All is not lost if you change your mind about what you like. You can style your vessel with different pieces to change the aesthetic. Consider adding books, vases, lamps or trays to transform your space. For a storage solution with bold, curved lines, see our Malumo Sideboard.

3. Practicality

Just because you like a furniture piece doesn’t mean it will work for your space. A chunky chest of drawers will dominate a small apartment. A delicate console table might get lost in a vast home. Also, consider pieces that have double uses, regardless of the size of your home. A bench, stool or table with in-built storage is a repository for your cushions, blankets, books and bedding when not in use. A chest of drawers can double as extra pantry space. A console table can be a hallway piece where you drop your keys and bag at the start and end of a day, and it can act as a bar cart when you need it to, too. A coffee, entertainment unit or side table with built-in drawers is always handy in any size home. Our Miro Chest of Drawers is a beautiful statement piece.

4. Placement

Your storage pieces conceal and protect our things, but they don’t need to be hidden away in the corner. A console table is perfectly positioned in a hallway as the first item you see when you get home in the evenings. Your coffee table with inbuilt storage could be the perfect conversation piece in your lounge. Your buffet could be the hero of your eating area. There is no reason why your pieces need to stay in the same space for their lifetime, either. Your console table could become an extra bench space in the kitchen or laundry. Your buffet could become a storage sideboard, entertainment unit, bedroom dresser or entryway console. Try moving pieces into different rooms to create a fresh look in your home. The possibilities are endless. The Frida Buffet can be used for a variety of purposes.

5. Styling your piece

Do you identify with minimalism? You could style your item with one key piece: a lamp you love, a book that changed your life, a statement candle or an ornament that reminds you of your trip. If you love colour, don’t get trapped into thinking you need to purchase a coloured storage piece. You might risk it ageing faster than a neutral piece or get tired of looking at it over time. Position a beautiful, brightly-coloured artwork on or behind it. Place some books with striking, eye-catching covers. Fresh greenery in a vase is a cost-effective way to add colour and spruce up your space. Our Bruno Chest of Drawers is neutral and can be styled to your taste.


We hope this journal has been enlightening to you. There are endless options to transform your (very essential) storage pieces into beautiful features within your home. It will require some reflection on your behalf regarding what you will be storing, your personal taste, and considering the size of your space and placement within.



Styling Journal Editor & Interior Stylist

Ruth's background is in journalism, visual merchandising and residential furniture sales and procurement.

She is passionate about the psychology behind architecture and interiors and how our design choices are informaed by our personality and life experiences.

Ruth's design philosophy is about investing in classic, key pieces to create enduring interiors that will last a lifetime. She loves using the power of colour ands soft lighting to transform a space. When it comes to styling, Ruth believes that your home should be filled with items you have an emotional connection with, ensuring your home is a reflection of your individuality and tells your own unique story.

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