Let's be real, it's pretty hard to have nice things when you have little ones at home, as safety conscious interiors often means a compromise in style.

Having kids requires endless sacrifices, one of which is child-proofing your home. And when it comes to decorating the living room, you'll want to pay particular attention to the coffee table. But just because it's well-advised to put your may-as-well-be-a-weapon coffee table into storage for the next few years doesn't mean you can't design a stylish, grownup living room. 

If you're after a kid-friendly table, but don't want to sacrifice on style, explore our Estrella Collection...

Our Estrella Collection is ideal for sticky fingers and messy babes because:

  • The hollow timber carcass and fossil stone tiles means the table is much more forgiving with head bumps and falls, as opposed to a solid marble table.
  • Their curved design means there are no dangerous sharp corners.
  • All the surfaces are sealed and polished, so it's protected against stains and moisture. As with all stone seals, this isn’t fool proof, but when treated correctly it does a dang good job at protecting your beautifully crafted piece. As an added security, we offer a range of Lithofin stone care products to ensure you can protect your table for years to come.
  • Each table is easy to clean and maintain. We recommend using a clean, damp cloth for daily cleaning. Easy to clean and no nasty chemicals needed!


Our Le Ciel Table in our Atelier Range is also a perfect addition to a family-filled home. With it's solid carved spherical base and thick lucite rounded edges it creates a sturdy foundation and a truly unique design. 

This coffee table checks all the kid-friendly boxes: is huge, it looks sturdy, and it’s round. But it’s also low, which means it’s not face-level with your child. Bonus! It does make it easier to climb on, but it’s also a shorter distance for them to fall down from, so we're still calling this one a winner.


These coffee tables would look chic in any home, whether there are mischievous youngsters running around or not.

Elevated and child-proof can coexist. Shop our Estrella Collection of tables with rounded edges and durable materials. 


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